Graffiti Workshops

A wide variety of workshops are available from Dime One including:

Sketch & Design

Learning how to draw and create graffiti letters in your own style to recreate your own personalised ‘tag name’.

Graffiti Name Plaques

Design and create your own personalised name plaque (10 x 20cms) with posca paint markers (water based and safe for indoor use) to colour and keep.

Graffiti Mural

Design, create and paint in a workshop session a personalised, custom graffiti mural for your school, group or organisation. (can be painted onto walls or boards)

Specialised Workshops

Paper craft Boom bar – colour and cut out your own boom box, glue together and complete your character
Scooter repainting – prepare and re-spray your scooter in cool colours and designs

How to Book:

Please email the following information:

The size of the group you’d like to take part in the workshop
What you’d like as an end product (e.g. name plaques, graffiti mural etc.)
The location of your venue (postcode)

Fill out the form here.

Send to

Wall Painting Commission:

Please email the following information:

The approximate size of the wall(s) and surface condition (e.g. painted plaster, bare block etc.) If you can send a picture too
Whether the wall requires any special access (e.g. ladders, scaffolding etc.)
What you’d like – design ideas, pictures, links to images etc.
Project Postcode

Send to

From this information, I will be able to work out a quote for your specific requirements and at the same time keep costs down by not charging for a consultation fee.